The most common and arguably most important aspect of equine dentistry is providing annual maintenance and preventative care. “Floating” or occlusal equilibration is the process by which teeth with excessive crown and protuberant points are filed down, enabling the horse to eat more efficiently, and/or carry the bit more comfortably, and/or reduce the potential for the development of traumatic or other pathologic conditions. This may be as simple as filing off a few “sharp points” or more extensive as in correcting long standing “wave mouths” and other conditions detrimental to the longevity of a horses’ dentition.

Many horses are predisposed to develop dental abnormalities due to conformational or other issues. Annual floating and any other indicated care can minimize the potential for these abnormalities to cause a significant detrimental impact as the horse matures.

List of Dentistry Services:

  • Complete examinations and evaluations
  • Routine maintenance and preventive care/floating/dental equilibration
  • Geriatric horse dental care
  • Young horse dentistry
  • Performance horse dentistry
  • Non-surgical extractions
  • Periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Cavity/decay management and restoration
  • Training barn programs
  • Boarding facility programs

I routinely work with my clients’ regular veterinarian and other veterinary hospitals when additional diagnostic (radiology, endoscopic exams, etc.) or surgical treatments are required.

Please call for an estimate of services specific to your horses’ needs and ask about our Lifetime Dental Maintenance Program at (775) 826-6233.