Since every horse is an individual, their dental needs are unique and will vary from year to year and at various stages of their life. For this reason, we believe flat-rate dental care is inappropriate. Too often, we encounter horses that were recently floated at a flat-rate or during a “dental special”, only to find that the horses were inappropriately and inadequately treated.

Horses with “good mouths” and owners who are conscientious about having their horses treated on an annual basis, are less expensive to maintain than horses who have unique dental issues or don’t receive regular care. We believe that it is inappropriate for the “good and conscientious” to subsidize the others.

Dr. Greene fills out an itemized dental chart (read more) on each patient at every visit. This chart details the work performed and also functions as an invoice. The complete dental chart is an integral part of every horses’ medical record and we believe all horse owners should receive a copy for their records.

The first time we see a patient is frequently the most expensive visit, and the cost for the initial exam and treatment/float/dental equilibration will be unique for each horse. The cost will be impacted by the age of the horse, the quality and frequency of the previous care, and whether any inherent or unique dental issues exist.

If the horse owner desires, a comprehensive examination (under sedation and with a full-mouth speculum) can be performed prior to beginning treatment, and an exact figure for the dental services determined.

The following figures and estimates are for “routine annual dental care/floating” and include: the initial sedation, a Banamine (flunixin) injection or other NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), a complete examination and evaluation, and all appropriate floating procedures (dental equilibration).

These figures do not include the cost of call fees, additional sedation (rarely necessary), extractions, restorations, diagnostics (radiographs, lab work, etc.) or additional medications (antibiotics, extended NSAID treatment, etc.).

Call fees will vary depending on the location and number of horses treated at each location. There is no call fee for appointments with 3 or more patients at 1 location within the Truckee Meadows, or for horses hauled in to our location in Golden Valley.

Younger horses (less than 6 yrs.) typically range from $100 – $150. These figures do not include wolf teeth or cap (deciduous teeth) extractions, which are performed at an additional cost.

Horses 6 -12 years of age are dependent on the previous care and any unique dental issues, and typically range from $125 – $175.

Horses 13 + years will be dependent on the quality of care they received throughout their lifetime and any inherent dental issues. They typically range from $125 to $250. Geriatrics may require additional care (expired tooth extractions, additional medications) and typically range from $150 – $250+ on their initial visit.

Our Lifetime Dental Maintenance Program (read more) ensures that after the initial visit and treatment, the patients’ future annual floats/routine dental care will not exceed $150 for the remainder of the horse (or doctors’) life. This figure includes the initial sedation and Banamine. It does not include call fees or additional services (radiographs, extractions, antibiotics, etc.).

Please feel free to give Dr. Greene a call at (775) 826-6233 for a consultation and an estimate as to the cost of the particular dental needs of your horse.