Equine Veterinary Care of Nevada (EVC) was established by Dr. Scott K. Greene in 1988. Dr. Greene is focused on utilizing his experience and compassion to provide the highest level of equine dental care to his patients.

Dr. Greene’s philosophy of Sensible Horse Dentistry (read more) is based on the principle that the horse, during its’ millions of years of evolution, developed the perfect system for grazing and grinding large volumes of coarse grasses.

Domestication has resulted in an alteration in how horses are fed, hence most horses’ teeth do not wear as they were “designed by Mother Nature”. Since most horses don’t have the opportunity to graze for 16 to18+ hours a day as they do in nature, Dr. Greene believes that annual dental exams along with appropriate treatment, significantly improves the quality of life of most domesticated horses over their entire life span.

Dr. Greene believes that veterinarians have the responsibility of providing dental care that will aid their patients in:

1) Maintaining the ability to chew as efficiently as possible, throughout their lifetime
2) Enabling them to carry their headgear and work, as comfortably as possible.

If you have any questions about your horses’ dental care, please don’t hesitate to call us at (775) 826-6233. Thank you!