At EVC, we believe that all horses will benefit from annual dental exams and routine preventative care/floating. Addressing a minor issue, prevents the development of a major one. We are a mobile practice and provide dental services throughout Nevada.

We enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to work with other veterinarians in Nevada as well as California, and have relationships with numerous veterinary hospitals and utilize the skills of their surgical specialists when referrals are appropriate. As the practice is limited, our goal is to work in concert with your regular veterinarian to help maintain your horses’ health and performance.

The focus of the care that we provide is to restore when necessary, then maintain the maximal function of your horses’ dentition throughout their lifetime. It important to keep in mind that every horse and their dentition are unique, and that most have a job that requires them to wear some form of headgear. Enabling them to work without discomfort while carrying a bit or other device is an important consideration when providing annual dental care. Taking all of these factors into consideration determines how we approach each individuals’ mouth.